11 Plus Pre-Test Exams

All our subscribed students are required to take this pre-test exam before they start on any of the courses. The pre-test consists of 4 mock exams:
  • English
  • Maths
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
We require all students to take this at the beginning so that we have a starting point and a clear assessment of the students current abilities. From there we hope that our range of courses, curriculums, worksheets, quizzes and exams go on to support the student to develop further, and prepare for grammar school tests. Each exam will come in its own individual format which can range from multiple choice to comprehension and written tasks. We request that students take the time and space out to undergo these exams and are not disturbed. The exams will be a minimum of 40 minutes and students are free to take them at any time.

Starting Course

English 11 Plus Pre-test Exam
55 questions
Maths 11 Plus Pre-test Exam
50 questions
Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus Pre-test Exam
73 questions
Non-Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus Pre-test Exam
Enrolled: 129 students
Duration: 4 hrs
Lectures: 0
Level: Beginner