Our Story

1st Sept 2013

Entering the classroom

Straight after university the founders of Gaggle went on to volunteer at a local school with an aim to do their bit for the community.

With each one specialising in the key subjects – English and Maths, they were able to support hundreds of students to achieve their educational goals.

Over a few years the yet to become Gaggle teachers had gained experience that included thousands of hours of lesson plans and working with students of all skill levels.

Alongside the knowledge to create curriculums and schemes of work according to OFSTED standard, marking and creating homework as well as conducting mock exams.

1st Sept 2013
31st July 2015

More than just work

Throughout the years of teaching in mainstream education, one thing became clear.

Talented students and those who were weak in key areas were struggling to get the support they needed. This meant that they either fell below the national standard, or did not reach their full potential.

All due to either time-stretched staff, increased tuition fees, or just the inability to pay for extra tuition per hour. This clearly affected the students learning and just built a bigger mountain to climb.

As teachers they recognised this and did their best to provide extra support at lunch time and after school.

31st July 2015
6th May 2018

Time to become serious

Both teachers got together and made it their aim to use their experience, subject knowledge and understanding of students and parents to provide a jam-packed alternative.

Their core objectives were to provide easy access to primary learning. To take advantage of at home and at school devices so learning can be done from anywhere. Finally, that the courses are set out so that everyone should improve together, but at their own pace – to at least grammar school standard.

With the boom of the internet, website development and new technology, it wasn’t long before they focused their attention on learning new tools to become more time efficient whilst increasing their educational impact.

The next year was full of new platform developments, setbacks, creation of schemes of work, lessons, exams and worksheets and finally testing.

6th May 2018
23rd April 2020

Hello World!

After over a years worth of time, sweat and tears Gaggle Academy was launched.

A value packed, low-cost alternative to traditional tutoring. Driven by the aim to help develop the skills of primary students to grammar school level, providing equal opportunity to all.

Countless hours of lessons, videos and work sheets were drafted to provide online students step by step courses which break down key skills and abilities into bite size chunks.

Followed up by quizzes, tests and reporting to help revision, track progress and identify areas of improvement.

23rd April 2020

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